e-Diploma in Advanced Computing and e-Diploma in Big Data Analytics begins on 29th September

Turning Adversity into an Advantage

We may have been compelled to move our training on-line but we were unwilling to sacrifice quality.

Our team was determined to provide high-quality, engaging learning experiences for our students with focus on creating three form of interaction for students in the online environment.

The success of this approach is evident from the testimonials of

PG DAC and PG DBDA Feb 2020 batches

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When I first heard the decision about online classes, I was scared .. But all our faculty have proven that online teaching is just as good in fact in some ways much better than that of physical classrooms. If we miss some concepts due to some reason like electricity failure then we don't have to worry about that because college provides us recordings within 1 hour after each lecture.. So we can cover it all.. And with online training ,SM VITA conducts regular vivas which helps every student to remember and revise each and every concept and it also boosts our confidence.
There is also GD session in which all group members discuss about the topics covered till that date and get the doubts solved. which helps a lot in our study .. Also our seniors conducts mock interviews for us.. So I think SM VITA has been giving there 200% efforts in teaching.. so because of that Im not feeling any difference between online and physical learning

- Neha Patil, PG DAC Feb 2020

I attended the physical batch for a month before lockdown and now our online batch is going on. In my opinion, if any student gets a chance to be integrated with SM VITA he/she should definitely grab the opportunity. It maybe online batch or physical batch. SM VITA takes lot of efforts to help us grow.
Yes physical batch is better than online batch as we have 8 hours lectures and classroom training helps us focus more. Online batch is about more efforts from our side. Most of the faculties are experts in teaching like Vyas sir, Nitin sir, Ketaki mam.
To conclude, if you have good internet facilities and pc/laptop u can definitely go for the online batch.

- Nikhil Raorane, PG DBDA Feb 2020

I belong to batch DAC-FEB20. In our initial period of CDAC, lockdown started and then onwards the concept of online sessions came into picture.
Initially I thought online will give lots of disadvantages.
But when it comes to implementation SM VITA made it at its best level.
I have experienced that the lecture goes on with one to one interaction along with faculty members.
Lecture gets conducted on time, the teaching staff is very helpful. It helps me to gain confidence by regular viva's and industrial interviews.

- Pravin Jagdale, PG DAC Feb 2020

I am happy to share my experience about online training mode by SM VITA. It is one of the best CDAC center. The faculty in the SM VITA have very friendly nature and they are very supportive.
Also most important thing is that teachers are teaching from the industry point of view. Means on which topic industry is working more, which things we should make stronger and all. All the trainer provided by SM VITA have a very good level of knowledge and they are all unique in their related field.
The lectures are conducting with good internet bandwidth. If a student has difficult in understanding a single concept, the faculty are repeating the topic again. Means teachers give us in individual attention. So it is very good for us. Also faculty provides us lots of assignments because of which we get stronger in the subject. The notes provided by the faculty are very effective] . Faculty arrange daily breakout rooms for us, so that each project group members can discuss the topics which are covered in classroom, solve doubts and share ideas. The regular viva taken by the faculty helps me understand where I need to improve. Frequent MCQ tests help us prepare well for the CCEE. At the end of each module our mentors from the Industry not only take our interview but also share their knowledge with us guide us on which topics we should focus and all. So our interview are taking as industries perspective so it will very beneficial for us at the time of facing final interviews. So my overall experience of online training mode is very good. SM VITA providing a very effective platform to learning and improving our knowledge and skills as industry perspective. I am happy to say as, i am a part of SM VITA.

- Priyanka Bharude PG DBDA Feb 2020

Due to corona pandemic we had to continue pursuing PG DAC using Online Mode but the fact is we are learning the things in a fantastic way. SM VITA has not let us down.. its standard is as usual and is trying to put up more and more efforts every day. Even if we are at home, we feel we are in the college due to interviews, breakout rooms we are getting prepared for the campus interviews. Its a very good experience & I genuinely feel that Learning Online in SM VITA is amazing on ZOOM especially. Our mentors from industry keep a track of our studies and let us know about our shortcomings, where we are losing our focus and lot of things about communication also. I do miss those joyful moments we had in the first month of CDAC... specially in the soft skills session.

- Devendra Waghulde, PG DAC Feb 2020

Many things have changed due to this pandemic but the only thing that remained unchanged is the learning process. You might not get that atmosphere, but one thing is sure, you will definitely get knowledge, even better this time. We all get recordings of the lectures and we can watch them again and again until we clear our doubts. Online quiz, polls, test, viva, group discussions etc are here to give us feel of classroom. So yes, I am enjoying these sessions.

- Charu, PG DAC Feb 2020

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